Best Air Hockey Table in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

If you want to have lots of fun, the air hockey table is a perfect option to achieve this goal. The air hockey tables are wonderful both for kids and for adults and they do offer countless hours of joy for the whole family. With one of them, you can enjoy the game in the comfort of your home. There are various products on the market – some of them are decent, some of them are not.

Well, no one would want the worst product there is. Actually, on the contrary, most of the people want the absolute best they can get. That is why we’ve gathered the information for you and we are going to show you the best 7 Air Hockey Tables for this year.

Best Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table NameDimensionsWeightAddition 
Sport Squad HX4040x20x5 inches10.7 poundsElectric-Powered Top, Swift Shops, Keep ScoreCheck Price
Harvil 4 Foot50.8x27.1x4.9 inches36.4 poundsStable and Solid, Electric Blower 100V, Manual Slice Scorer plus Electronic Digital ScorerCheck Price
Playcraft Sport40x21x8 inchesnot much 🙂2 pucks and 2 strikers included. Perfect for small kid. UL-approved, ABS puck catcherCheck Price
Hathaway Face-Off63x32x6 inches60 poundsElectronic Scoring System, Automatic puck return, comes with 2 pucks + 2 strikersCheck Price
NHL/EastPoint Sports 84″84x48x32 inches154.7 pounds4 Pushers + 4 Pucks, Automatic LCD Electronic Scoring, Glazier Compound Coated TopCheck Price
Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′72x40x31 inches
75 poundsAmazing illuminating technology plus in-game music, Dual motor blowers, Electronic scoring systemCheck Price
Playcraft Derby 6′72x36x31 inches143 poundsResistant of Scratches, MDF ConstructionCheck Price

1. Sport Squad HX40

Produced by the brand Generic, the Air Hockey Table is compact and convenient. It has a wonderful table top which allows as much portability as possible. The storage is pretty convenient. The rubber pads on the feet do not allow any marks so the table will not harm your furniture for it leaves no scratches.

The HX40 has a high-output fan for even and quiet airflow, thus, it provides a smooth surface for playing. In addition, it comes with manual scorers and a very quick assembly, as well as an AC power adapter included in the package.

There are also two strikers plus two pucks. Overall, the HX40 has a cool design and it is easy to assemble.
This amazing product is an exciting source of fun not only for kids but adults as well. The HX40 Air Hockey Table of Generic is perfect for your home or office for its compact tabletop and smooth gliding.

The wood used for the table is of one of high quality, which also ensures impeccable durability. The hockey table is great for families that live in a place with limited space, as it can be easily and compactly stored, packed or moved.

Moreover, the product has a non-marking rubber pads placed on its feet, which will ensure that none of you furniture will get harmed or damaged.

The product’s dimensions – 40 x 20 x 5 guarantee a very convenient and comfortable method to playing hockey at home. Its goal boxes return the puck fast and easily while the manual scorers are in charge of keeping track of the score.

The Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table made by Generic will offer your family countless hours of fun. The table is stable and can be easily put together. It is exactly the perfect size for a tabletop and it requires no batteries – you just have to plug it in.

The HX40’s fan works perfectly and does a wonderful job in keeping the puck smoothly floating. In order to protect the motor from overheating, you’d better use the air hockey table on wooden/tile floor or a table – avoid placing it on the carpet. The price matches the quality offered, hence it is safe to say that it’s a wonderful value for the money you will pay.

Pros: Excellent for any age. Stable, convenient and comfortable. Comes with no-marking rubber pads. No batteries required since it comes with an adapter. Manual scorers to keep track of the current result. Made of high-quality materials. High-output fan. Light but still durable. Reasonable size. Wonderful price.
Cons: There is no on-off switch. The cord is not long. Sometimes, when someone scores, it isn’t easy to retrieve the puck out of the goal. The score marker can accidentally move during the game.

2. Harvil 4 Foot

The amazing product is manufactured by the brand of Harvil which is owned by Dazady. Each of the brand’s products is modern, wonderfully designed, stable, durable and of high quality.

The perfect sized air hockey table can easily be used in any room and on any surface. Its construction is made of fiber wood. The thick legs of the tabletop are shaped in the form of the letter L and have adjustable levelers. The side panels, as well as the legs, are designed with sport graphics plus the Harvil logo.

There is added electronic scoring unit which works with 2 AAA batteries (they are not included) that helps you keep track of the score. There is also another scorer – manual – one on the both ends of the tabletop. The additional accessories include orange paddles and pucks (which are free).

The Harvil air hockey table works with an electronic blower which is powerful enough to provide even, steady airflow. So, you can be sure that the puck will smoothly slide across the surface. It comes with a 90-day warranty and free repairment or replacement of any defective part. If any defects or damages occur, you can get a new table or replacement parts free of charge or a full refund.

Pros: Easy assemble. Two types of scorers. Durable. Perfect size. Two pucks included. Great price. Perfect air flow.
Cons: Problematic auto score. The legs don’t have premade holes. Somehow small pucks. Some users report having a hard time getting the pucks out of the goal entrances.

3. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

This small air hockey tabletop has been made with convenience in mind. It is perfect for storage in smaller places with limited space – its length is only 40 inches. In addition to its size, the accessories are also smaller, which makes it a great tabletop for kids. As adults might find it more difficult to play, the tabletop is more suitable for occasional playing sessions.

Manufactured by PlayCraft Sport, the tabletop’s motor is not very powerful, which might lead to some difficulties during play. Different users have reported that the puck does not slide easily and that it can be unpredictable at times. The Playcraft 40-Inch Air hockey tabletop is not for professionals but rather for those who simply want to give the game a try.

Although, the table is smaller than usual, the quality of the product is not compromised. It has MDF frame which is durable and solid. Contrary to cheaper tabletops, this one is not made of plastic, which prevents easy breakage. However, as mentioned earlier the main issue of this product is the motor, which is not expected to last more than two years.

Even though this table is not the perfect choice for people keen on air hockey or professionals, it is the best small air hokey table for little kids. It can be quickly set up and has a simple design.

Pros: Convenient, suitable for storage in places with limited space. Wonderful for small children. High quality product. Quick Assembly.
Cons: Not suitable for adults. Small accessories. The motor cannot last longer than 2 years. The puck does not slide as smoothly as it could. No rubber caps on the legs.

4. Hathaway Face-Off

With amazing and convenient automatic puck returns this table makes the game easier for it won’t take long to get the puck back out of the goal. Plus, Hathaway comes with an electronic score system so you don’t have to keep track of the score but can dive deep into the game. The material used for its manufacturing is CARB certified MDF which is with a laminated coating.

Due to this we can safely say that Hathaway is an air hockey table of high quality. The table has large end legs which keep it sturdy. Between them are four bracers for perfect balance.

The pucks are 2.5 inch while the stickers are 3 inch. The blower ensures a smooth playing surface with its 110V power. The pucks are somehow small so some people find the scoring touchy but this is just a minor issue. The assembly is easy and the price is perfect. The size is quite reasonable and even adults can enjoy playing.

Pros: Has on/off switch. Easy Assembly. Pre-made leg holes. Nice air flow. Sturdy and stable surface.
Cons: Problematic score board. Somehow small puck bin access.

5. NHL 84″ Sting Ray Hover

The Hover Hockey Tables of EastPoint Sports are a wonderful addition to anybody’s playing room and they are just an amazing source of fun for the whole family. Your friends, relatives and children will be having endless hours of exciting play.

It’s shiny for the Glazier Compound Coated top which is not only beautiful but also offers protection from tearing or wearing. Its size allows for more players to engage in the game – up to 4. The game comes with an automatic LCD electronic scoring system. The table also has a sound system installed, which creates more engaging experience for the player, taking them directly to the stadium. Also has all accessories necessary which includes 4 pucks and 4 pushers.

In addition, it allows for a table tennis conversion top to be easily added, however, it is not included in the standard package. The NHL Sting Ray can be set up easily, which allows more fun for both kids and adults. The puck glides smoothly, which allows better control during play. Together, with the pre-installed fan, which provided even airflow your whole family can enjoy an effortless and fun game.

Pros: Easy Assembly. Wonderful fan. Even airflow. Allows for up to 4 players. Compatible with a table tennis top. Integrated sound system. Sturdy and beautiful. High quality product. Resistant to tearing and wearing.
Cons: Heavier. More expensive. The score keeping system is not wired to the table.

6. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′

The Truimph Lumen-X Laser 6‘ Air Hockey Table will bring joy and fun in your home. It is a great source of amazing playing time for your whole family and will offer you countless hours of fun time together. It has a wonderful new technology which illuminates the dark, thus, making the game much more enjoyable and exciting. It has in-rail LED lights that are with cascading effects and the table features in-game music as well.

It comes equipped with a light-up puck in blue color as well as two blue strikers which are ultra-bright. The dual motor blowers provide continuous and even air flow, which makes this product stand out even more. Thus, you’ll enjoy smooth gliding of the puck over the MDF-engineered surface. The surface itself has blue and white silkscreen lines of the playfield. In order for you not to lose focus during the game, an electronic scorer is provided to keep track of the score.

For ensuring that the table will be steady and sturdy, it is provided with 12mm thick legs. They are equipped with four 2.5 inch leg levelers. So, even if your floor is uneven, the surface will remain perfectly flat. The high quality table can be easily assembled and will offer you pure joy.

Pros: Leg levelers. Dual motor blowers. Even airflow. High quality. Easy assembly. In-game sound and illuminating effects. Electronic scorer. Sturdy table which offers a great deal of fun. Can turn the LED displays and the sound on or off.
Cons: More expensive. No on/off switch for the fan.

7. Playcraft Derby 6′

Do you want your family to have hours of fun and a wonderful time together? The Playcraft Debry Air Hockey Table is exactly what you need. You can choose between two options – black PVC laminate or cherry wood grain. The table is stylish and safe. It has been manufactured with MDF materials which are perfectly safe both for you and for the environment. The legs are in pedestal style which make the table more stable. They also have leg levelers which helps you to adjust the height or level the table.

This amazing product can easily be set up by everyone. It has been made with high gloss PVC that resists to scratching. The air fan motor is 110V high powered and allows even and steady airflow for smooth puck gliding. The playing experience will be even better for there is an electronic scorer with various game settings. The accessories include two strikers and four pucks.

Pros: Stylish, stable, adjustable height. Made of MDF materials. Easy assembly. 110V air fan motor. Electronic scorer with different game settings. Comes with 2 strikers + 4 pucks. Resistant to scratches.
Cons: Heavier. The scoring system operates on batteries.

What to consider when buying an Air Hockey Table?

First, when you go out for an air hockey table, consider what size it should be. It is important to find the perfect size of the table for your home. But also remember that the smaller the table is, the smaller the pucks and the paddles are.
Second, be aware of the quality. If you buy a smaller table, then it would be probably made of plastic and some wood, while with the bigger tables more wood and metal are used. Although the wood and metal tables are considered to be of high quality, they also require consistent maintenance.

Third, think about the power supply. If the table is smaller it would most likely operate on batteries that will need replacement. In that sense, the preferred option is an AC adaptor powered table, which can simply be started at any time.
Last, but not least is the price. Try to find the best quality for the price you can and stick to your budget.
Now, there are different types of tables for air hockey:

Basic Design Air Hockey Tables
Those are cheap and may vary in quality and size. Most of them also do not have an entertainment system, as well as lighting effects.

Arcade Style Air Hokey Table
These ones are pretty expensive for they are solid, bigger and with various extra features. Not only do they have more powerful blowers but they also provide sound or light effects as well as electronic scoring system. This type of tables can last for years and they offer smooth gliding of the puck, excellent deflection and stable construction. The arcade-style air hockey tables are not used by the professionals but can give you years of fun.

Multi-Game Air Hockey Table
The multi-game air hockey tables offer you the chance to acquire different games in one purchase. They traditionally have bowling, football, shuffleboard, table tennis, air hockey and some board games.

Tabletop Air Hockey Table
This option is perfect for people with limited space or for those who want their table to be portable. These tables come with rubber feet so the surface you place them on will not be harmed in any way. The tabletops are smaller and cheaper but they still provide lots of fun.

When buying an air hockey table, don’t forget to consider the expertise level of the player. This will play a crucial role in determining the right table for your playing preferences.

Beginners should opt-out for the fancy and expensive tables, as they have just stared their air hockey journey and will need more time to develop their skills. Bearing in mind, that when choosing a cheaper table, the quality might not be the best and the table will not last too long. In that sense, the best table is the one, where the beginner will be able to play enough before moving to the next skills level.

The Intermediate players need better tables, of course. Suitable for them are the sturdy and large air hockey tables. Here, depending on your budget, you can choose a smaller one that has more features or a larger one that has less.
The Advanced players need a professional or an arcade-style air hockey table for these types of tables are durable, strong and stable, and have smooth playing surface with thick rink walls for accurate deflection.


The Air Hockey is a joyful activity which serves as a stress reliever for the adults and a fun game both for kids and adults. The game provides the ability to train your physical durability, as you are constantly active during play, as well as it is a great way to socialize. A game of air hockey helps the kids to develop their hand-eye coordination and will prepare them for the competitiveness of the real world.

When you decide to buy an air hockey table, consider your budget, expertise level and quality expectations. Review the list of our 7-top Air Hockey Tables on the market in 2017 and you’ll find the one that has been made exactly for you.

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